There’s two kinds of werewolves. Most are just werewolves, just people who grow fur and claws and fangs when the moon is full. They live in packs, strong communities, and they keep each other safe and stable. They don’t lose their memories when they turn, and they don’t lose control. But there are others– runners.

Runners are why there are so many stories about werewolves, why everyone thinks they are vicious night monsters, more like rabid dogs than anything else. And they are stronger, faster than other ‘wolves. Runners are the ones that black out and lose control, leaving destruction in their wake. And when they wake up, they don’t always remember where they came from.

So when Kantra wakes up naked and alone, without the slightest idea of where she is or how she got there, she doesn’t even know how dangerous she might be to anyone around her. She also has no idea that she’s the only hope for the Wheathill Pack, because there’s another Runner coming, and he’s not as friendly as she is.

This has been one of my favorite projects for years. The trouble is, that doesn’t always translate to me having a solid grasp of what the story and its structure needs to be. In this case, I’ve got the characters and the general idea, but it’s taken longer to get the rest. I’m still not there, but it’s getting closer!