Welcome to my short story page! If you’re looking for fantasy, science fiction, or just plain adventure and mayhem, you’ll find it here! Take a look below– they’re listed in alphabetical order, along with a short description of each.

1:38 AM (878 words)
A little one is sick and wakes up miserable in the middle of the night.

Another Day in the Black (2849 words)
There are some interstellar cargo ships that the pirates should just leave alone.

Aruri (3373 words)
Station security has their hands full trying to find a little girl who snuck onto the station. And then things get complicated.

The Farewell (2947 words)
The night before a last-hope mission to deep space in order to save the planet, emotions and old wounds run high.

Grey Dog Inn (3681 words)
A remote inn sees all kinds of interesting travelers. Some are more helpful than others.

The New Roommate (1069 words)
A woman interviews a prospective new roommate– with a fantastic twist.

Stone Street (1470 words)
Sometimes you have to give up everything you’ve worked for.

We Said Goodbye (1516 words)
Two explorers find themselves stuck in the wrong galaxy and have to make their peace with it.

Wisp Night (1895 words)
Never follow the wisps. But when it seems like that’s the only way to save a loved one, what can you do?