Current Projects

Whether it’s because I’m easily sidetracked or because half of my ideas wouldn’t get along with the other half if I tried to stick them all in the same story, I’ve always got several projects going at once. Here are the details on the ones that are keeping me the busiest. Read on below, and click the banners for more info!


Think wild, wild west with starships. For freelancer siblings Miranda and Tanner, that means they’ve got a nearly constant stream of work. The hardest part is just making sure they don’t get into more trouble than they can get themselves out of. This one currently has several short stories already written, most of which will eventually be put together in the form of a novel/related collection. I also have a longer single-adventure novel planned, which was my NaNo project a couple years back but is still a long way from any sort of real completion.

And! If you want to read the story that started it all, click here! Originally meant to be a one-off for a writing contest, it’s taken on a life of its own and I couldn’t be happier.

(urban fantasy)

Waking up with none of your memories and a complete stranger telling you that you’re a werewolf is bad enough. Realizing that you’ll have to choose between finding your old life and helping your new friends survive just makes things even more complicated.

I’ve been playing with this concept in one form or another since mid-2010, which apparently is long enough for me to get to know my characters but not long enough to figure out the finer details of the plot. I return to it every couple of months or so to play around with it and tease it towards a more cohesive state.


When the Rehk begin to break into the world again, seven people band together to fight back against the most terrible threat any of them have ever faced in the hope that they can banish the monsters once again.

This one started out as my project for NaNoWriMo ’15. I am currently working on the second draft, which involves some serious renovations on characters, structure, and pretty much everything else. I haven’t been working on this one much lately, but it’s still playing around in the back of my head.


The galaxy shrank when we built Aralez, the first of the arc-stations. We could finally traverse the Milky Way in less than a lifetime. It was humanity’s greatest achievement, the application of our most advanced technology. But that was long ago, and what was once the hub for settlement and exploration is a quiet backwater. We have no idea why the pirates found it interesting enough to attack and board the station.

I’m still in the process for worldbuilding here. I wrote part of a rough first draft for this one during NaNo ’16, but it’s mostly in a conceptual stage at the moment. This is definitely not a high priority right now, but I love the concept and definitely plan to finish this one.