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[Blog] Writing Prompts Round 2


Last week I asked for writing prompts and you guys delivered! Here’s the stories.

Is it supposed to make that sound?

Given that we lived on a border space station in the middle of nowhere, it was fitting that we opted for a robotic guard dog as opposed to the flesh and blood sort that put more of a drain on our limited resources. It wasn’t the cuddliest of options, but then, we didn’t need R-0ver to be cuddly. We just needed him to look fierce and help us scare off the occasional pirate gangs who assumed we’d be an easy target. We’d managed well enough on our own so far, but the last time had been a little closer than we’d wanted it to be, and when the traveling salesman came by with a discounted model, it seemed like a no-brainer.

At least, it did until 3am the next morning, when the eeriest squeaking filled our entire space station. And when your home is a tiny layer between you and the void, you are painfully aware of each and every weird noise it makes. So it was actually a sort of relief when the source of the metallic whine turned out to be our brand new R-0ver. We found him in a corner, looking sadder than it should have been possible for a robot to look, and the only way I can describe it is that he was crying. He perked up when he saw us, too. It was cute, sure, but I don’t think it’s quite the best sort of behavior for a guard automaton.

That’s it, I’m telling Mom about the dragon egg you have hidden in your closet!

“No! Wait! Jackie!”

Eight months of planning, and if I didn’t beat my sister to the stairs, it was all going to be for naught. But she was younger than me, smaller, and faster, and it was going to take something like a real miracle for me to get there before her. She was three yards from the bottom step, and my socks weren’t getting purchase on the linoleum. And she was opening up her mouth to yell.

“Mom! MOM!!”

And then my miracle happened. Dad came to the top of the stairs instead, and I knew it was going to be alright. Because I wouldn’t have had the surprise dragon egg for mom in the first place if he hadn’t snuck it in there with me at the start of all this.

2 thoughts on “[Blog] Writing Prompts Round 2”

  1. Hi Faith. I like your blog. I have no idea on earth how you created it, less still how I would do that. Like to add you to my Facebook friends if only I knew how. I’m safe, I’m too old and slow to be dangerous and too busy trying to catch up to … everything to chase anybody. I’d just like to add some writers to my list of ne’er do wells on my page. I don’t know how to send you a friend request. My email is demcguire@aol.com
    I appreciated your input on my first entry of The Tides of Heaven on The Write Practice – or whatever it is called, fast break, etc.
    Darrell McGuire

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    1. Hi Darrell!
      Thanks so much for your kind words! I actually used WordPress for my site, which is nice because it does the vast majority of the work for me. I think they’ve got a number of tutorials as well, in case you’re interested. As for Facebook, I’m afraid I’m having some trouble finding you, but if you’d like (and don’t mind my shameless self promotion), you could always go to my official author page at http://facebook.com/FAHakimian and like me, and I could find you that way!

      You’re quite welcome, and I hope my input was helpful. I’m definitely looking forward to your further posts!


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