[Blog] Morning Person

I am not a morning person.

You’d think I would be, by now. Goodness knows I’ve had more than enough opportunity for it. Heck, even as far back as high school, we got up at 5am five days a week so we could do our chores and then go into town with our dad. And these days, I work shifts that start at 4am (or 5am when I’m lucky), which means my body has resigned itself to believing that 3am is a sensible wakeup time.

But I’m still not a morning person.

The truth of the matter is that despite the blatant impracticality of it, I still prefer staying up late as opposed to getting up early. Late night tends to be when my brain is most happy to be doing things like writing, and I haven’t managed to get it to work quite as effectively in the early morning. But perhaps I have a chance. Perhaps it just has to do with practice, and maybe I just need to retrain my mental habits.

Or maybe I’m just not a morning person.

Perhaps we’ll never know.

2 thoughts on “[Blog] Morning Person”

  1. Nice to hear from you Faith. I think getting up early, even for me, is hard but so rewarding.
    The difference between what you experience at night is contrary to me…by 7:15 pm I’m really ready to go to bed. Of coarse I am older than you :).
    Hope you are well…visit sometime, we are working regardless to the COVIT-19…the grass grows no matter what.

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    1. Phil! It’s lovely to hear from you as well. I’ve been thinking about everyone up there lately, and I hope you’re all doing well too. I definitely miss everyone and plan on visiting once life allows for it.


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