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[Blog] Rest and Slow

Sometimes, it’s hard to rest. Perversely, this is most often the case when we need it most. It’s one thing to find yourself easily distracted and to have trouble focusing on the tasks at hand– but those breaks aren’t rest. Not really. It’s something entirely different to take a purposeful step back and say ‘now is not the time for work’.

There’s a reason one of the ten commandments is the one about keeping the sabbath.

So, here’s to rest. And taking the time to recover, to refocus, to accept our human weakness before getting back to it. Because sometimes that’s what we really need.


[Blog] Week 2 Check-In

Quick check-in post: I’m still woefully behind– roughly 3000 words to my dad’s over 300 miles, but my pride is happy to stubbornly insist that a good part of that was some scheduled busyness this last week. The days I’ve had a chance to write have been getting progressively more productive, so I’m not at all about to give up. Check back in next week to see how the madness continues!