[Blog] Aaaaaaaaah!!!

You know that scene in Tangled right after Rapunzel gets out of the tower? The one where she bounces back and forth between thinking it’s the very best and the very worst thing ever? I’m definitely feeling that a little bit (a lot a bit) right now. Because I’ve finally hit a groove. The words are coming. The story is coming together– sort of. (Oh BOY does it need all the editing ever.) And I have actually started writing fast enough that my hands have gotten tired. Since this time last week, I’ve written almost 35,000 words. I know where I want the major story arc for the Tanner and Miranda Chronicles to go, and I think I have some idea of how to get it there. I have so much raw material to work with. And most of the time, I’m not even panicking about the fact that the quality is… aggressively rough draft right now.

Most of the time. Haha.

Check back in next week to see how this crazy race with my dad finishes up! Right now he’s still ahead, but I’m gaining! Is three more days enough? Is his competitive spirit going to beat out mine? Only time will tell!

Miles ridden: 693
Words written: 44,484

7 thoughts on “[Blog] Aaaaaaaaah!!!”

  1. With today’s ride, I’m now at 718. Having just given blood, that’s it for today and tomorrow. The only remaining question is can/should I squeeze in a ride on Saturday?

    You going to be doing enough riding to keep me motivated for one more push? 😀


    1. I want to say yes. Well. My pride wants me to say yes. But between the head cold I picked up and the fact that I’m working today and tomorrow… ehhhh?

      In the immortal words of Urgo… “No! Say ‘no’!”


  2. Hmm… We’ll see how I feel in the morning. I’ve already gone a long way toward catching up on miles for the year. Enough so that a few more might actually put me where I should have been…

    Let’s see what tomorrow brings. 😀


  3. Having squeezed in another ride. 😀 My monthly total is now 824.

    I’ll refrain from spiking the ball or an end zone dance until you report your total word count at midnight. 😉


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