[Update] August 2017


Hey all!

First, thanks for being a part of this first month of blogging! All of you following me here on the site and over on Facebook are such a huge encouragement, and you mean the world to me. I’m definitely looking forward to keeping up with the blog and the stories and seeing what comes of it! Other than that, I just wanted to give you all a quick update on what I’ve been working on the past month, and what’s coming up next.

So! July!

Aside from The Ethan Lindsay Job and Wisp Night, I’ve also been working on the third chapter of my rewrite of The Seven. It’s been going a little slower than I’d like, though I’m definitely making progress and I think it’s getting to the point where the chapter is doing what it needs to be doing to set the stage for the rest of the story. Because of the size of the cast, there’s a lot of introductions that need to be done, preferably in a way that also sets the scene for later as well– you know, basic good writing– which keeps proving a little more difficult than I expect it to, mostly because I have too many ideas and haven’t yet figured out how to narrow them down.

That being said, I think I’m getting close, and once I get this chapter squared away, I’ll have six of my main characters all set to go, and my current idea is to have number seven show up a bit later anyway. This means that I should be able to start digging into more of the plotty and exciting bits shortly, which I am definitely looking forward to. Everything’s better when you get to slay monsters!

For August, I’ll continue chipping away at The Seven, and I expect to be able to finish chapter three and get at least a little way into four as well. All the battling with it last month has left me with a much clearer idea of the beginning/middle/end sequence for the chapter, and once that gets figured out the actual writing tends to flow a bit easier. So, I’m hopeful!

I’ll also keep following the same schedule of “Friday blog, new short story every other week,” with the next story due early next week, so keep an eye out for that! I’ve got ideas for another fantasy standalone and potentially another Tanner and Miranda adventure, both of which have me excited. Additionally, my grand adventure to Armenia begins at the end of this month, so we’ll see how that balancing act goes. Ha.

That’s it for now! Thanks again for coming by, and please be sure to let me know if you’ve got any questions or comments by posting below! I’ll be back on Friday with a new blog. Until then, all the best and have a fantastic week!


[Blog] Going Home


“Homeland” is a powerful word.

It’s a word that speaks of ancestry and history; an old word. It’s a word that hints at a bigger story. It’s a word that must be shared, because it belongs to more than you or me. It’s a word that has prompted good and excused evil. It’s a word that demands you pay attention. It’s a word that says it knows a piece of who you are.

It’s why sites like ancestry.com are so wonderful. It’s why, when you visit Edinburgh, you can find a hundred little shops with pamphlets and pins for all the Scottish clans and septs. It’s why you’ll run across ads that claim to tell you where you’ve come from, based solely on your surname.

It’s what the Shire is to a hobbit, and why the scouring of it is so important. It’s what Rannoch is to the Quarians. It’s what Aeneas had just lost, and what he spends an entire epic poem replacing.

And in the fall, I get to visit mine for the first time.

In case my last name isn’t a dead giveaway, I am Armenian–one quarter, on my dad’s side, though the percentage isn’t important. I don’t know who said it first, but my grandfather once told me that as long as I had one drop of Armenian blood, I would be Armenian.

My heritage is something that I have always been aware of on one level or another. My dad taught me the Armenian alphabet when I was a kid, and I can’t remember a time when I didn’t know about that part of myself. But awareness and full ownership are two different things entirely, and the latter has been a little slower in coming.

It still feels strange to say that I am Armenian-American. I’m learning the language, but I definitely don’t know it yet. I’ve studied some of the history on my own, and there are a couple of novels on my to-read list that will (I hope!) help add to my understanding of my people.

Of course, actually visiting, living, and working there for a while is going to give me an understanding that I couldn’t get any other way. Which would explain why I’m so excited. Terrified too, for sure. But mostly excited. You don’t often get to visit your homeland for the very first time.